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ESA launches revamped eoPortal

Aug 16, 2022

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A new version of ESA’s online portal for information about remote sensing missions is now live.

For more than 20 years, academia, industry, and space agencies have been using eoPortal’s carefully curated resources to discover more about a wide variety of Earth observation satellites and sensors.

The upgrade ensures the continuation of the website’s excellent content as well as an improved user experience, boosting engagement from the Earth observation community.

Since 2004, renowned remote sensing veteran and author Dr Herbert Kramer has been instrumental in the success of eoPortal. During this time, his contributions have grown eoPortal into a world class resource for the space community and beyond.

With his encyclopedic knowledge of Earth observation activities, Herbert developed a comprehensive print catalogue of missions, which he subsequently transformed into more than 1,300 articles for the eoPortal website.

This single access point for technical information related to past, present and future missions is now used extensively by Earth observation experts from around the world.

Herbert recently retired from his role with eoPortal (at age 83) – and the upgrade aims to preserve and build on the legacy that he helped to create.

As part of the revamp, the aesthetic of the website has been remodeled to give content a vibrant new look.

Another key element of the upgrade is the improved satellite missions catalogue, which now uses information from the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) Database.

These insights are assimilated through an annual survey of CEOS’ member agencies, including ESA, NASA, JAXA and many more.

The integration of information from the CEOS Database enables users to filter and discover mission articles by agency as well as by the types of measurements that a given mission delivers, making the wealth of resources on eoPortal easier to discover. 

After the redesign, the eoPortal team will continue its efforts to enhance the website’s content, for the benefit of the user community.

Set to be rolled out over the coming months, these improvements are expected to benefit the clarity, accessibility and overall usability of the eoPortal’s resources.

Following Herb’s retirement, the eoPortal team eventually plans to broaden the pool of Earth observation experts contributing to the site.  

Although it will never be possible to replace Herb, they hope that this will help to maintain the high standard of content that he set during his time at eoPortal.

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