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The ESA Earth Observation Portal (eoPortal) aims to open the door to the world of Earth Observation Mission resources.

By giving access to a large variety of articles, eoPortal aims to provide a single access point for Earth Observation mission information, resources and services including:

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The eoPortal Content Team is considering future content, and we would like to hear your views on the eoPortal. Please add your response to this anonymous user community survey if you have a few minutes to spare.

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fedeo client Documentation   Gateway standardisation

FedEO (Federated Earth Observation missions access) provides a unique entry point to a growing number of scientific catalogues and services.

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The articles on this website are taken from Herbert Kramers book Observation of the Earth and its Envrionment.

The book covers Earth observation on a global scale, there are hundreds of spaceborne missions defined and more than 2000 spaceborne sensors.

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Visit the eoPortal database to find out about spaceborne EO missions and sensors to discover more about past, operational and future missions. Our database contains over 1000 in-depth articles.

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Sentinel-1 Sentinel-2 SPOT-6-7  TerraSAR-X Pleiades ALOS-2
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The eoPortal also contains a complementary database of Airborne Sensors containing detailed information of over 40 flight campaigns from the last 25 years.

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