Minimize Fire in La Vega, Dominican Republic

This map shows an area of the Valle Nuevo National Park that was recently burnt by a fire in the Dominican Republic.

The fire started on 20 July 2014 in the Valle Nuevo National Park, which is located in the La Vega Province. Thousands of hectares of the park were burnt down before the fire was contained on 05 August.

Hundreds of firefighters worked to put out the fire on multiple fronts, and other nations provided help in stopping the fire. The government of the Dominican Republic also requested aid from the International Charter: Space and Major Disasters, on 30 July. The Charter utilised its space resources to observe the location of the fire from satellites and produce maps for response efforts.

This map is one such example, and was produced using RapidEye imagery acquired on 02 August. It shows how far the fire had spread and how much of the national park had burned.

View the full resolution map and other maps for this disaster.

Credit: BlackBridge AG, all rights reserved 2014 - Map produced by DLR/ZKI

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