Minimize Flood in Bangladesh

This map, produced using data from the TerraSAR-X satellite, shows an area of flooding in Bangladesh.

Northern Bangladesh suffered from floods in August 2014 following unusually heavy torrential rain. This rain, combined with melting ice streaming down from the Himalayas caused rivers to overflow and spread across 17 of the country's districts.

Almost three million people were affected by the floods at the start of September and over 100,00 homes were reported destroyed or inundated. Since then, the water levels in rivers has decreased, with the situation slowly returning to normal.

The International Charter: Space and Major Disasters was activated on 22 August to assist with the relief efforts by providing satellite imagery of the floods. This map is one example of the result, and uses TerraSAR-X's radar to analyse areas of flooding by comparing the area before and after the floods.

View the full resolution map.

Credit: German Aerospace Center (DLR), 2014 Airbus Defence and Space / Infoterra GmbH - Map produced by Geoinformatics Center, Asian Institute of Technology

Flood in Bangladesh

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