Minimize Floods in Estes Park, USA

This Pleiades image, acquired 16 September 2013, shows floods in Estes Park, Colorado, in the United States of America.

Colorado suffered the worst flooding in almost 50 years in early September, leaving eight people dead and over 2000 homes destroyed. Thousands of people were evacuated from the flood-hit areas, and the small town of Estes Park was inundated and cut-off by the flood waters.

The town serves as a resort in the Rocky Mountains, and was shut down during the floods after the main road, Highway 34, was flooded. The road can be seen on the right side of this image, with patches of right indicating floodwaters and debris strewn across the highway.

Estes Park was opened again towards the end of September as the situation improved, but many of the local businesses were badly affected by the loss in tourism and the time and expense of recovering from the disaster.

Noticeable indications of the flooding visible in this image are the swollen Lake Estes, seen here as the muddy body of water in the centre, and grey across the urban areas indicating inundation.

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Credit: CNES 2013 - Distribution: Astrium Services / Spot Image S.A. France, all rights reserved

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