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The Pleiades satellite acquired this view of the Guitar Forest in Argentina in February 2016. A local farmer, Pedro Martin Ureta, planted 7,000 cypress and eucalyptus trees in the shape of a guitar as a tribute to his late wife Graciela Yraizoz.

His wife loved the guitar so much that she expressed the desire to her husband to shape a forest into a guitar on their farmland in Laboulaye, Argentina.

Unfortunately, she passed away in 1977 at the age of 25; while carrying their fifth child, before her wish could be fulfilled.

After his wife's death, Mr. Ureta carried out his wife's wish and started this project in 1979. He created the wonderful forest by planting every tree individually with his four children.

The guitar shaped forest stretches for two thirds of a mile and is so large that it can only be viewed from the sky - and as it was later discovered, from space - but Mr. Ureta has never seen his creation from such a vantage point due to a fear of flying.

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Credit: CNES 2016 - Distribution: Airbus Defence and Space, all rights reserved

Guitar Forest

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