Minimize Port of Aden, Yemen

Orbiting almost directly over the port of Aden, an astronaut aboard the International Space Station (ISS) took this photograph of the rugged, extinct volcano, the flat sand spit next to it and the big bay that now all form the port of Aden on 9 May 2016.

Part of the city (just south of the volcano) is known as 'Crater neighbourhood', and residents can look downhill onto the docks of the old port and the Sira Fortress, an 11th century fortification on a small island just offshore.

The tourist section of Aden is Gold Mohur, which takes advantage of the beaches and surf of this open coastline and the dramatic backdrop of the volcano. On the well-protected bay side of the volcano lies the much larger harbor of Al Mu'alla, the economic hub of Aden.

Also visible is Aden International Airport (formerly the British Royal Air Force station Khormaksar), Yemen's second biggest airport - the runways are 2 miles long. The city's diplomatic missions and the main campus of Aden University surround the airport.

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Credit: NASA Earth Observatory - Edited by the eoPortal team.

Port of Aden

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